October Special
$5 off our Rebalance Package
75-minute hot stone massage and a
15-minute foot reflexology – $90
Not valid with any other discounts!  Offer good through October 31, 2017
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Change of season brings on imbalances in our bodies   We are connected to nature and go through changes with the seasons.
Autumn brings on indecision, confusion, overindulgence, coffee, smoking, obscurity, fatigue, lung issues, and large intestine issues.
The body fluid affected is mucus-colds, coughing, “seasonal allergies” as some like to call it!
Metal-which represents the mineral ores and salts of the earth is the element associated with Autumn.
White is the color associated and can be seen in the facial hue around the eyes and in the cheeks.
As summer winds down, plants are dying so the emotions are worry and grief, and the sound is weeping. Many people become a little sad during this transition, so try really balancing yourself by being out in nature.  Walk barefoot in the grass, hike/picnic, BREATH!
Once you learn to balance yourself with nature, you may see a difference in your physical health and emotional health!